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Our service consists of pre-sale service, sales service and aftersales service. Marketing department is in charge of the whole process customer services. 

I. Pre-sale Service
1. The company passed the certification of GB/T19001-ISO9001:2000 system and strictly follows the design, manufacturing, sales and service standards.
2. The company has established an effective management mode and implements the strict responsibility system, which reduces the affect of human factors on product quality.
3. Our sales staff will help the customer to choose products and provides consultation and training services.

II. Sales Service
1. Help customer choose the suitable products and take customer’s success as our aim.
2. Provide emergent delivery service and sufficient parts supply.
3. Provide strong guarantee for product quality.
4. Provide users trainings on the operation and maintenance of the machine for free of charge.

III. Aftersales Service
1. 24 hr services.
2. Regular return visit every 30 days.
3. Get to the customer’s site in 4~24 hours when receiving the service request.
4. One year’s warranty period for the main machine (excl. steel wire rope), 6 month warranty period for the electric parts.

IV. Initiative Service
1. Provide follow-up services and create product records for all the products and parts delivered to customers; provide regular follow-up services.
2. Regular return visit every 30 days.
3. Service staff shall fill in the Customer Service Card truthfully, otherwise the customer can refuse to sign it.

V. Lifetime Services
1. Provide lifetime services.
2. Visit the customer regularly even when the product’s warranty period expires. 

VI. Parts Service
1. Parts Center is in charge of parts services. We provide entrusted delivery and postal services.
2. We have sufficient spare parts in each local office.
3. We provide warranty services for all the parts with quality issues.
4. Create parts user profiles and improve the supply services.