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Xuzhou Worldo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (former Xuzhou Jianji Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Building Machinery Branch) , Its staff team is composed of former XCMG management staff and technicians. The company is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, installation, repair and retrofitting of various kinds of construction elevators and working devices for construction machinery. It is also the sole professional R&D and manufacturing company of working devices for construction machinery in China. 

The company has a high quality R&D team and has expertise in various kinds of building machinery, hoisting machinery, excavating machinery, scraper, etc. The company adopts pro/E, CAD software and makes 3D simulation design, ANSYS finite element analysis, and makes optimal design and technology research on the construction elevator series products; meanwhile, the company also develops various working devices and attachments including grapples, grabs, hoisting tools, etc. for different construction machinery, providing customers with customized product development and services. The company’s annual output is 600 construction elevators and 3,000 engineering attachments, annual production value exceeds 100 million Yuan.

The company began to manufacture SC(D)200/200 construction elevator products since 1995. After more than 10 years efforts, the company now produces various models like SC200/200, SC100/100, SC200/200Z, SC100/100Z, SCD200/200, SCD200, SSD100/100, SSD60/60. The products are widely used in various highrise building projects and have been exported to more than 30 countries and areas in Middle East, Central South America, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Russia, Africa, etc.

The main engineering attachment products include Q series (truck crane), SQ series (truck-mounted crane), W series (excavator), Z series (loader), C series (port crane), as well as Q series (clamp), J series ( grab), B series (clamshell), G series, etc, with different power source like hydraulic, electric, electro-hydraulic, mechanical rope, etc. The products also include hydraulic shears, hydraulic hammer, hydraulic rammer, hydraulic rig, as well as quick coupler, hoses, and winches, etc. for excavator use. The engineering attachment products are widely used for machinery products produced by XCMG Group and other enterprises, including truck crane, crawler crane, truck-mounted crane, port crane, gantry crane, excavator, loader, forklift truck, etc. which are used in mining sites, ports, materials yards, goods yards, etc. The products are also applicable to forestry work, road construction, trenching, dredging, dismantle, log and pipe transport, telegraph pole transport and installation, etc.

In accordance with GB/T19001 standards, the company keeps improving the quality management system and has passed the certification of ISO9001-2008 quality system, gained the “Manufacture License of Special Equipment” and “Certificate for Hoisting Equipment Installation” and has been awarded the title of “Contract Observing Enterprise” by Jiangsu Province for multiple times. The company will further promote the brand image and improve capacity. Currently, the new plant project with total investment of 208 million Yuan is under construction. The new plant covers an area of about 100,000 m2 and will adopt first-class manufacturing technology and machining equipment, which will greatly improve the company’s R&D and manufacturing ability. The company aims to establish as a famous international company.

Adhering to the operational concept of “Integrity, cooperation and win-win”, Xuzhou Worldo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of building machinery and is making efforts to expand the functions and improve the work efficiency of construction machinery.